Single Operating Plan Review

Welcome to Riverside Inverclyde’s (Ri) Review for 2016-19.

The last three years have been an exceptional period for Riverside Inverclyde as we come to the end of the Inverclyde Economic Development and Regeneration Single Operating Plan (SOP) 2016-2019. I’m delighted to confirm that Ri has fully met or exceeded all of its targets and key performance indicators as part of the SOP, as you will be able to see on pages 26 and 27. 

Over this period, Ri has delivered extensive refurbishments and developments which has supported our much valued existing customers and has welcomed a broad base of new and exciting businesses into Inverclyde. We are now seeing these businesses collaborating, sharing best practices and collectively promoting Inverclyde as a place to do business!

During this SOP period, Ri has specifically targeted the Food and Drink industry as an area for growth, both in terms of growing the manufacturing aspect of the industry but also promoting local producers and venues. Taste Inverclyde was established to help brand what Inverclyde has to offer, and you can learn more on page 19.  Later this year, the new Baker Street food and drink incubator will open targeted explicitly at start-up and small batch businesses as a base to grow. This pioneering development will offer dedicated industrial kitchen and cooking facilities at a very high standard aimed at helping these businesses get off the ground and get a foothold in this competitive and growing market.

We have also had a focus on attracting a wider variety of sectors and skills into Inverclyde to ensure the type of businesses locally continues to grow, and Ri has successfully been able to provide the space and opportunities to secure these company with a total of 57 new or extended tenancies over the three-year SOP period. This period has also seen Ri deliver exceptional refurbishments, which has provided a range of solutions for the existing and incoming business base.  The Ri portfolio stands at 91% occupied thanks to the variety of new businesses and sectors that Ri has successfully supported to the area, all helping to ensure that the ongoing regeneration of Inverclyde is delivering for our communities.  

I want to pay a special tribute to the hard work, dedication and dynamism of the entire Riverside Inverclyde team, which while small, often exceeds expectations.  Both the team and the Board’s focus have been on ensuring that all of our projects enhance and provide a regenerative boost to the towns and villages across Inverclyde.

Since taking over the role of Chair in 2014, I firmly believe that Ri has led the way in addressing the challenge of creating an environment for enabling a more prosperous, competitive, balanced and sustainable local economy, delivering economic regeneration for the benefit of Inverclyde’s businesses, residents and communities. It is a challenge that the team has relished and has always been determined to succeed on behalf of all who live and work in Inverclyde, and who have the best interests of the area at heart.

As I write, the current regeneration model is under review by its member's regarding the future delivery of services in Inverclyde. I hope moving forward Ri can build upon the successes the team have achieved and use this knowledge and experience gained over the past 13 years to enhance the future of Inverclyde‘s economy further.

I want to finish by paying tribute to all of those that have supported, worked alongside and assisted the delivery of Ri’s regeneration services over the past 12 years – thank you for your support, professionalism and helping to ensure that Inverclyde is the right place to do business.

Dr. Gerry McCarthy.


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