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A8 Advertising Hoardings

Cartsburn, Main Street, Greenock, Inverclyde, PA15


Property details
Features Affordable and highly-visible advertising opportunities for the sole use of Inverclyde based businesses and projects. With an average flow of 34k vehicles passing the A8 site daily, an 8 week posting would be seen by 1.91m vehicles based on 2016 traffic figures. With the average number of passengers per car being 1.58 people in the UK, this offers your business the opportunity to have more than 3 million views for your advert.
Parking n/a
Plot Size 48 Sheet and 96 Sheet
Suite Sizes 5 x 48 Sheets and 1 x 96 Sheet
Security n/a
Nearest Train n/a
Nearest Bus n/a
Amenities n/a
Price From £350 + VAT per 4 week posting (excluding installation and print costs)

Hoarding 1 - 96 Sheet: Fully Let In 2018 and 2019

Hoarding 2 - 48 Sheet: Fully Let In 2018 - Taking Bookings from 4 November 2019 onwards

Hoarding 3 - 48 Sheet: Fully Let In 2018 - Taking Bookings from 6 May 2019 onwards

Hoarding 4 - 48 Sheet: Fully Let in 2018 - Taking Bookings from 2 September 2019 to 3 November 2019

Hoarding 5 - 48 Sheet: Fully Let in 2018 and 2019

Hoarding 6 - 48 Sheet: Fully Let In 2018 - Taking Bookings from 3 June 2019 to 3 November 2019

Terms and Conditions: 

  • All companies wishing to advertise will be required to sign a formal licence agreement for the period of installation
  • Further incentives can be requested for longer periods of letting
  • All companies are responsible for their own artwork, which must be signed off by Ri before proceeding to installation
  • All companies will also be responsible for the costs of installation, which ri will arrange for you via BEP Signs in Greenock 
  • All companies have a choice between paper or weather resistant boards which can we re-used
  • An approximate guide price is £250 for paper or £650 for boards which includes printing and installation – the boards can be re-used on other hoardings
  • If companies choose paper and the hoarding suffers through adverse weather, then ri maintains the right to install a fresh paper set and re-charge back to licensees
  • Ri reserves the right to terminate the agreement at any stage with 4 weeks’ notice and a refund if applicable
  • Art work is required a minimum of 10 days before installation with dimensions: 6,100mm x 3,050mm
  • A8 Advertising Hoardings

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