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West Blackhall Street - View Proposed Plans

Above: The proposal for Westburn and West Blackhall Street in Greenock

Riverside Inverclyde (Ri) is aiming to revitalise West Blackhall Street and promote further investment and improvements in Greenock Town Centre. 

Following the initial consultation events in June 2018, Ironside Farrar has: 

  • Gathered, analysed and considered all of the points and feedback received to the previous design proposals put forward 
  • Collaborated with Riverside Inverclyde, the project steering group, traders and residents
  • Designed an emerging concept design

The concept design was shared at a further consultation event held on 27th September in Cafe Balfe in West Blackhall Street with over 100 attendees taking the opportunity to look at the plans for the overall improvement of the Street. 

Above: Visitors at the consulation pop-up held at Cafe Balfe in Greenock 

Following a great afternoon and evening of feedback, Riverside Inverclyde is now able to further share the proposals and plans on-line for those that were unable to attend the event.

Ri further invites residents, traders and visitors to view the plans and give your views on how this public realm project can be a great success for Greenock Town Centre.

We will be developing technical proposals which build on the plans.  This concept proposal shows our broad intent and scope, with the technical design proposals subject to costs and funding.

Further consultation will be undertaken with specialist access groups, public utilities companies, the Greenock Town Centre Regeneration Forum and the Community Councils.

Developed proposals will be taken forward to promote a new Traffic Regulation Order and/or a Planning Application in due course.

To review the plans, please click here 

You can further contact Ironside Farrar via email here or Riverside Inverclyde via email here.

Both Riverside Inverclyde and Ironside Farrar would both like to say thank you to Cafe Balfe for their support and hospitality.

Published: 28 September 2018