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Custom House Supports 'Shine A Light' Campaign

The iconic Custom House in Greenock has been lit in blue as part of its participation in the 'Shine a Light' campaign to celebrate Nerve Tumours UK.

Nerve Tumours UK Awareness Day (17 May 2019) is the one day of the year when people across the globe come together to recognise and support those affected by Neurofibromatosis - a neuro-genetic condition which can cause tumours to grow on your nervous system which affects over 26,500 in the United Kingdom and to date no cure has been found.

As the leading UK charity working to provide support to those living with Neurofibromatosis, The Neuro Foundation’s is building support to raise awareness of the illness in preparation for the Nerve Tumours UK celebrations. #EndNF

To pledge our support to help raise awareness, Riverside Inverclyde's Custom House will shine blue from 17th May 2019.

You can learn more about the Nerve Tumours UK byvisiting their website here - Just Giving Page - https://www.justgiving.com/campaign/shine-a-light-on-nf


Published: 14 May 2019