Community Benefits Clauses

In 2010, 23 Inverclyde recruits were working in construction as a direct result of Riverside Inverclyde's focus and leadership on implementing community benefits clauses as a condition of contract on major tenders.

Condition of contract clauses have been introduced requiring a minimum of 10 per cent of the person-weeks for non-specialised works required for the contract's duration being allocated to new entrant trainees living in Inverclyde. This brings employment opportunities for people undergoing construction-related training, for apprentices and for construction workers unemployed for 6 months.

Community Benefites

(Happy benefactors of ri's Community Benefits Clauses from projects at James Watt Dock and Riverside Business Park)

Greenock Telegraph

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ri's pro-active focus in delivering a more robust and ambitious community benefits programme is fully supported and realised by strong partnership working with Inverclyde Council's Social & Economic Regeneration Unit and Inverclyde Community Development Trust. The Trust provides the candidates to the winning contractor for interview and employment.

It's green for go.
Furthermore, innovative 'goodwill clauses' have been introduced into our contracts to position local companies to benefit from ri's community benefits drive. European Procurement Laws prohibit the positive discrimination of a percentage of subcontracting works being allocated to local companies - tenders must be awarded on competitive grounds. However, ri's 'goodwill clauses' and supporting processes encourage shortlisted contractors to positively and competitively consider Inverclyde Construction Forum member companies who provide notification of interest for project sub-contracting opportunities. Where consistent shortcomings are identified in the capabilities of these local companies, ri through Inverclyde Construction Forum then looks to provide the required support to enable these companies to learn and develop, leading to them being better placed to succeed in future subcontracting opportunities.