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Launch Of New Craft Drink, Sparklingly Sober


Dry January doesn’t need to be dull and in a bid to help, The Start-Up Drinks Lab has launched its latest creation, Sparklingly Sober.

Crafted in small batches, blending Scottish water, rhubarb, elderflower, ginger spice and a touch of sparkle, this new adult soft drink offers a similar drinking experience to sparkling wine and is the perfect alternative to rosé wine.

Full of flavour, the drink can be savoured from a gin balloon or champagne flute, so it isn’t finished well before the round is due, nor are the teeth coated in sugar or stomachs bloated – a common trait from the soft drinks usually on offer.

The most attractive feature is it isn’t full of sugar and calories, with each 250ml glass containing only 52 calories; versus 250 calories in most glasses of wine.

Over the last few years, an increasing number of adults in the UK are wanting to reduce their level of alcohol intake with 1 in 5 adults now going out and choosing not to drink alcohol, due to stricter drink driving laws and consumer appetite for healthier lifestyles.

Above: Craig Strachan and Hannah Fisher

Sparklingly Sober is the latest range from Craig Strachan and Hannah Fisher, the team behind The Start-Up Drinks Lab, who host their small batch bottling facility at Riverside Inverclyde’s Kelburn Business Park in Port Glasgow, having opened the manufacturing facility in 2018.

Craig said:

Unfortunately, the choice on the market, especially in many bars, doesn’t excite people so it feels more like a punishment not to be drinking than a positive lifestyle choice. Having our craft drink manufacturing facility in Scotland gives us the ability to fix that quickly.”

Hannah said: 

“We set to work on creating a non-alcoholic alternative to rosé wine, and it has proven particularly popular with hen parties, and baby showers as many of the people joining these events do not want to drink alcohol – Sparklingly Sober fits the bill perfectly.”

Sparklingly Sober is available in both 330ml and 750ml bottles and served in bars and restaurants throughout Scotland.

For those having a dinner party and entertaining at home, or planning hen parties and baby showers and wanting something a little different, then Sparklingly Sober can be purchased at the online craft drinks shop, Craft 56.

For more information on The Start-Up Drinks Lab, visit: https://startupdrinkslab.com/ 

Published: 8 January 2019