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Kayos Need your help to take the show on the road to the Edinburgh Fringe 2019


Above: Kayos Youth Theatre performed ‘The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee’ at The Beacon Arts Centre in Greenock


The Project?

In October 2018 Kayos Youth Theatre performed ‘The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee’ at The Beacon Arts Centre in Greenock. Our cast worked incredibly hard, had a blast and are rightly very proud of this production. Now they want to take the show on the road to Edinburgh. We have a fabulous show, an incredible cast, a brilliant venue, costumes, props, accommodation etc. etc. All we need now is some money to make our dream come true. Kayos Crowdfunding Page




Here’s some of what our audiences had to say about ‘Spelling Bee’:

‘… an absolute must see! Hilarious and the kids are incredible. Had so much fun.’

Brilliant! Perfect show, perfect casting and they really did so well’

‘A hilariousheart-warming and very talented performance of ‘Spelling Bee’

Amazing to see so many familiar faces thriving and ding what they love. Every cast member shone out tonight and it was clear they were having a BALL!’




‘A wonderful show with an amazingly talented cast. Conductor did an amazing job too. We loved the show… thank you all for your hard work and bringing joy to the people of Inverclyde.’

‘Well done to each and every young person involved in ‘Spelling Bee’ Performances were greattop job from the creative team!!!’

And that’s just a tiny section of the feedback. There’s loads more on our Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/KayosTheatreCompanyGreenock/




Why the Edinburgh Fringe?

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe is the largest arts festival in the world. And it’s on our doorstep! Well, almost. Despite it being so nearby we do not believe that any other local youth theatre organisation has ever taken a production to the Edinburgh Fringe.



Who will benefit?

Our cast - young people from Inverclyde aged 9 – 21.

Our young Musical Director.

Their family and friends.

Our audiences – which we hope will include YOU!


Increased confidence – this is a real labour of love. The project is led by our young people. The show is something they’ve worked very hard on and are extremely proud of and now they want to put in even more hard work to take the show to the Fringe.




Discipline – our young people will be working alongside other youth theatres and professional theatre companies. They will have to work in a professional manner and be extremely disciplined.




New experiences – the Fringe will be a new experience for the majority of our young people. In fact, only four of the cast have had the opportunity to visit the Fringe never mind performing there! Our young people love performing but the Fringe will give them the opportunity to take real ownership and responsibility for the show and every aspect of putting it on and marketing it (we’re very excited about the prospect of flyering and maybe performing on the Royal Mile). Our young people will also have the opportunity to meet new people from all over the world, attend other productions, be exposed to many other genres of theatre and participate in theatre workshops at Fringe Central.




Skills development/ networking – our young Musical Director (who is herself a member of Kayos) will have the experience of working at the Fringe and a Fringe credit at such a young age will be great for her C.V. We also have other volunteers such as our photographer and costumier who is studying technical theatre at the moment. The Fringe will be an opportunity for her to showcase her work and we hope could lead to more connections and work.




What will we spend the money on?

Rehearsal space hire, performance rights, venue hire, accommodation, transport, marketing, and catering. 


Kayos Crowdfunding Page

Published: 4 April 2019