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Have You Started Preparing For Brexit? We Can Help.


Scotland’s enterprise and skills agencies are here to help Scottish businesses overcome the challenges posed by Brexit, supporting them to take the necessary action to safeguard their growth and that of Scotland’s economy.

www.PrepareforBrexit.scot is a dedicated website which hosts a specially designed Brexit self-assessment tool to help businesses identify how Brexit might affect them, providing recommendations for action to help their planning activities. It is also home to a 15-point checklist, news, articles, access to experts and event listings.

Scotland has an exceptional network of business and skills support, and businesses can be confident that a coordinated programme of tailored support will help them manage the Brexit transition.

Brexit Support Grant

There is also a launch of a £4,000 Brexit Support Grant for businesses. Information about the grant is here

Grant details:

The grant provides 100% funding up to £4,000, classed as de minimis. 

Eligibility criteria:

All VAT Registered Scottish based SME companies are eligible for the grant.

Eligible activities:

The grant can be used for:

  • Brexit impact - Scenario planning
  • Additional professional services specifically in relation to Brexit issues, e.g.
    • Legal and contractual issues
    • Modelling cashflow
    • Modelling impact of changing customs/tariffs/VAT
    • Strengthening financial and currency management
  • Explore supply chain issues and opportunities
  • Reviewing & optimising transport or logistics arrangements
  • Costs incurred in acquiring AEO (Authorised Economic Operator) status
  • Human Resource issues
  • Cost of up to 2 employees attending training courses relating to Brexit
  • Additional air travel and accommodation from Scotland to international markets to visit customers to address Brexit related issues opportunities. (2 employees per company, per visit, economy fares & Flat rate of £50 ppn for accommodation)

Application process:

To apply for the grant clients click here

To access these online resources and for more information please visit prepareforbrexit.scot

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Published: 13 March 2019