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Avari Identity Wins Identity Provider Of The Year 2018


Above: Ross Garman (centre) with members of the Avari team and the Scottish Enterprise Award

Avari Identity has won 'Identity Provider of the Year 2018' at the Scottish Enterprise Awards (SEA).

The business, which formed in June 2016 and relocated to Greenock in 2017, has enjoyed a growing momentum across enterprise and public sector environments throughout Scotland and continues to grow. 

Avari is unique to the market due to its services which provide a strong understanding of the real value of identity, and how it can be used to protect data, secure applications, and enhance user experience all while reducing costs.

CEO Ross Garman said:

“It is fantastic to be recognised by SEA and win this award.

“Despite competing against many larger security partners, Avari Identity offers a unique experience by empowering their customers to access the true value of its users, whilst bringing exceptional levels of engagement at the same time as complete and secure visibility. 

"These three areas, in turn, allow Avari Identity to increase revenue, decrease costs and increase security, all the while protecting the data of customers by leveraging the identity of users."

Avari Identity, which is based in Riverside Inverclyde’s Victoria House Business Centre, was awarded the plaque as a result of offering a truly unique identity solution to its customers.

Avari prides itself on being a pure breed identity solution provider, offering pioneering industry advice, services and technology to its customers, all at unprecedented pricing levels.

Ross continued:

“Being based in Greenock enables Avari Identity to be more competitive than your typical City-based companies.

“While our competitors offer similar services and solutions, the cost of servicing Scottish customers from London is far higher than being based in Scotland.

“Due to the agile nature of our business, we are uniquely able to bring unprecedented levels of pricing to our customers, while providing a full business value assessment on the real-time value of securing users identities.

“This competitive advantage has assisted Avari Identity in offering the very best price points available for these solutions. We have had to be more commercially competitive than anywhere else, demonstrate greater user adoption, provide full GDPR compliance across the most secure platform all while administering our unique zero-trust principle.” 

The gap in the Scottish market for this type of service has seen Avari grow its current customer base to over 75 businesses throughout Scotland and the UK.

Eric Snyder, Senior Director of Partners at Auth0, said:

"We have been working with Avari Identity for six months and are thankful for the partnership. They offer a depth of knowledge, agility, and excellence in delivering ROI for their customers, which is a benefit to us as a partner.

"Congratulations to their team for this prestigious recognition. It is an honour well-deserved."  

Avari Identity continues to grow in size and strength as it enters 2019, particularly within the public sector, large enterprise and local government organisations. 

For more information, visit: https://www.avari.solutions/

Published: 4 January 2019