Ri People and Partners

Single Operating Plan 2016-19

In January 2016, Inverclyde Council's Environment & Regeneration Committee approved the recommendation arising from the commissioned document Review of the Future of Delivery of Regeneration Services in Inverclyde that a revised/extended Single Operating Plan should be developed for the period April 2016 to March 2019. The review highlighted the success of the first two years of the innovative three year Single Operating Plan between Riverside Inverclyde and Inverclyde Council's Economic Development and Regeneration team.

Subsequently, the Inverclyde Economic Development & Regeneration Single Operating Plan April 2016 to March 2019 was adopted by Inverclyde Council's Environment & Regeneration Committee in April, and the Riverside Inverclyde Board in May 2016.

The key elements of the 2016-19 Plan remained consistent with those in the 2014-17 Plan, the six priories being:

  • To grow and diversify the business base;
  • To increase Inverclyde's capacity to accommodate private sector jobs;
  • To boost skill levels and reduce worklessness;
  • To accelerate the regeneration of strategic employment sites and town centres;
  • To progress the renewal and economic regeneration of the most disadvantaged areas of Inverclyde; and
  • To co-ordinate action and investment with our partners

The collaboration and pooling of resources of Riverside Inverclyde and Inverclyde Council's Economic Development and Regeneration team is reinforced in the 2016-19 Plan, with the allocation of responsibilities between Inverclyde Council and Riverside Inverclyde being compatible with the new position of Head of Business Investment/Operations created at Ri, as was recommended in the Review of the Future of Delivery of Regeneration Services in Inverclyde. The 2016-19 Plan identifies updated projects and financials that reflect, for example, the key focus on Town Centres' regeneration, with updated key indicators reflecting the transition towards an increased focus on public realm/environmental improvement schemes and less on creating new speculative business premises.

The 2016-19 Plan provided an opportunity to reconsider and challenge constructively the priorities set out in the 2014-2017 Plan to ensure they remain realistic, deliverable and capable of addressing the opportunities and challenges present in Inverclyde. It also provided the opportunity to review and reinforce the effective joint working between the Council's Regeneration team and Ri, re-affirming the two teams are successfully working together towards shared goals and priorities, and clarifying the respective roles of each organisation. In short, it continues to maximise the efficiency and collective impact of the two organisations, in the face of increasingly scarce resources.