ri's Annual Report 2015-16

Welcome to Riverside Inverclyde's Annual Report for 2015-16. The great news for Riverside Inverclyde (ri) as we completed the second year of the Inverclyde Economic Development and Regeneration Single Operating Plan 2014-17 on 31st March 2016 was the knowledge that, two months' previously, Inverclyde Council's Environment & Regeneration Committee had adopted a recommendation arising from the independent report - Future of Delivery of Regeneration Services in Inverclyde - that a revised/extended Single Operating Plan should be developed for the period April 2016 to March 2019. The report highlighted the success of the first two years of the innovative three years' Single Operating Plan between Riverside Inverclyde and Inverclyde Council's Economic Development and Regeneration team.

It will come as no surprise to you that I am proud of all of the hard work, dedication and dynamism of the entire Riverside Inverclyde team that warranted this extension to ri's activities. It proves that our strategies, coupled with the continued collaboration and pooling of expertise with the council's regeneration team, are jointly leading the way in addressing the challenge of creating an environment for enabling a more prosperous, competitive, balanced and sustainable local economy, delivering economic regeneration for the benefit of Inverclyde's businesses, residents and communities. It is a challenge that we relish and are determined to succeed on behalf of all who live and work in Inverclyde, and who have the best interests of Inverclyde at heart.

Riverside Inverclyde has been entrusted with delivering an extended Single Operating Plan through to 2019. That trust is not misplaced. We are totally focussed on delivering our responsibilities. 2016-17 will additionally see the introduction of another recommendation from the 'Future of Delivery of Regeneration Services in Inverclyde' report, that of a new position of Head of Business Investment. This role will intensify our efforts over the next three years of creating, attracting and safeguarding more and better jobs in Inverclyde - critical for the successful regeneration of Inverclyde.

We look forward to doing so with the support of our partners and yourselves to ensure that we successfully deliver its priorities for you.

Dr. Gerry McCarthy.